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Preventing Burnout

Marius de Beer

Burnout has been synonymous with the IT industry since its birth in the 60s and many good people have suffered the consequences. Everything in our industry is geared to pushing us towards burnout, with those resisting it often labeled as lazy or “not pulling their weight.” Even tinkering / playing / learning new technologies in your own time can be detrimental. The objective of this talk is to equip people with a number of practical techniques to prevent burnout and attain that elusive “sustainable pace,” regardless of your boss’ demands.

Information Radiators

Jeff Wolski

"An Information radiator is a display posted in a place where people can see it as they work or walk by. It shows readers information they care about without having to ask anyone a question. This means more communication with fewer interruptions." - Alistair Cockburn.
This presentation will show the evolution of the "Dash" information radiator project and how it has helped our business.

Ad Features Analysis using Multivariable Regression

Josiah Baker

In this talk, I will be breaking down a recent project aimed at predicting clicks on ads based on ad features.

What data and why: A discussion of how the data was collected and why that data was chosen.

What model and how: An explanation of what a Regression model is and how it enables the prediction of future activity based on historic data.

What next: Summary thoughts on how the project can be improved and implemented for future use.

Visualizing Data with Elasticsearch and Kibana

Alena Devan

The growing amount of data being collected and analyzed requires innovative data platform solutions. In this talk I will review some of the available technologies to store, manipulate, and visualize data. Primarily, I will focus on utilizing Elasticsearch and Kibana as a data platform with an emphasis on configuring and operating the cluster.

What is Data Science

Josiah Baker

Everyone is familiar with the term Data Scientist, but what is it actually all about? Where and when did it start? This talk will start with a bit of a history lesson on the evolution of Data Science and end with a high level view of what being a Data Scientist looks like day to day.

Stop creating great user experiences!

Kelley Howell

Everyone says we can edge out the competition by building products that have great user experiences. But this framework for defining, building,and evaluating the user experience has limitations, especially for the types of products we build at DE.

In this talk, you'll learn why great user experiences are not a property a product, an app, a portal. Instead, a great user experience is what happens when we focus on empowering users who are, as Kathy Sierra says, bad@$$ at achieving their goals. Empower your users and you'll never have to settle for satisfied users; instead, you'll be creating loyal fans who promote your product and your brand.

Good Design is Good for Business.

Lucien Frelin, and Phillip Billups

Design is the not only the polish on a graphic. It is quickly becoming the factor that leads innovation. Design in so many industries today is the defining advantage and concurrently a tool used to fend off competitors and create a owned differentiation.

SQL Statement: Basic Fine-tuning

Randolf Julian

Data are retrieved from the database using SQL statements. The same result set can be achieved even if queries are written differently. However, the best one should be used when performance is considered. The talk is about basic fine-tuning tips; ones that can help out in making SQL statements run efficiently. A demo will also be given using an Oracle database.


Brandon Beigay, Michelle Brooks, and Chante Velez

Fun hands-on Lego building game (for on-site participants only) that will:

Refactoring: Updating Code Sanely

Chris Ryan

Refactoring is one of the most important skills for a developer to have. We will discuss what refactoring is and rules to help make it easier. Some real examples will be reviewed along with thoughts about why the code should be factored with the results. While challenging refactoring code can be fun and improve code significantly.

Building Better CLI Tools

Guillermo Fisher

CLI tools play an important role in the day-to-day lives of developers. They help us automate tasks, manage packages, and interact with APIs. We'll discuss some of the things you should consider when writing a CLI tool.

Automated Deployment with Docker and Git

Joe Legeckis

At ForRent, we've developed a completely automated process for deploying code to multiple environments for multiple code bases using Git and Docker. In this talk, I'll describe a brief history of the evolution of the deployment process, walk through how Docker helps our large development team deploy code to our 12 dev, beta and production environments with no systems interaction and most importantly, no downtime. We'll discuss the benefits Docker gives us in this setup, and how the system provides feedback to the teams at all steps.

Getting started with Chef

Robert Bittle

Chef makes it easy to manage a large number of servers without having a lot of manual actions. From code deployment to software updates, Chef takes the pain out of scaling up your infrastructure. In this talk we'll cover the basics of getting Chef installed as well as where to find the components you'll need to get going and how to set it all up.

Sensible Side-Effects

Algimantas Krasauskas

As developers we tackle deeply coupled code every day. We eat TDD for breakfast and crunch recursion for lunch. There are no excuses for writing unmaintainable code. As developers we need to understand paradigm of the language and patterns of the code.

One of the emerging paradigms is immutability in the code.

Only prerequisite is basic Javascript knowledge.

What this talk is NOT about:

Getting reactive with Meteor JS

Heath Padrick

I would like to share my excitement and energy for the Meteor JS framework. In doing so, I hope to encourage others to become familiar with Reactive Programming, and introduce them to the awesome community Meteor has created.

Topics covered

Most of the "creating" topics will be covered by live coding examples. We will build some sort of application.

Streaming Analytics and
Lambda Architecture
with Kafka and Spark in the Hybrid Cloud

Steve Jones

I will be exploring a data-processing workflow pattern known as Lambda Architecture, which demonstrates how to combine data-in-motion with traditional batch processing.

How to Use Python to Get
Javascript-generated Content and
Secretly Spy on Your competition,
or Something Nicer Than That.

Alfredo Liu-Perez

Without a Javascript interpreter we only get the source code of a website and not how it looks after Javascript has run.
For black hats: In this talk, you will learn how to write an automated tool that gets that website's content after Javascript has run and how to hide your IP while getting that content without touching your machine's internet connection.
For white hats: In this talk, you will learn how to write an automated tool to test your website's content after Javascript has run as someone coming from outside your network (e.g. a customer) without touching your machine's internet connection.

Getting Started with Android Development

Jose Mateo

Learn how to develop for the world's most popular smartphone platform. You'll get hands-on experience developing a native Android app that will employ some of the major components available in the framework. This talk is ideal for anyone new to the platform who needs an efficient way to get up to speed quickly.
You'll become familiar with the following topics:

We will be building an app that displays the current top 20 movies:

Developing android apps demo

If you would like to code along, make sure to install Android Studio and the free version of Genymotion (or bring an android device).

TOL's Slow March to the Cloud.

Ryan Goodwin, Chris Ryan, Brandon Beigay, and Robert Bittle

A retrospective look at some of the goals, challenges, successes and failures of moving our code bases from fixed server farms in DESQ to scaleable cloud services.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us for more details.

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