Alena Devan

Alena Devan joined the TraderOnline architecture group in May 2015 as a data engineer. She is currently working on a R&D project to develop a business intelligence data platform.

Alfredo Liu-Perez

I have worked at Powersports Network (PSN) as a Software Developer for over 3 years. We don't use Python at PSN, so I use for quick one-time jobs like when I had to scrape new Harley Davidson images and data for our customers that for some reason Kapow could not get.

Algimantas Krasauskas

Algimantas is a young developer that is interested in linguistics of the code. From the roles he had he touch languages like: Javascript, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Dart, Java, Scala, C#, Python, PHP, HTML, Rust, Haskell(just to learn to write pure code) he has learned a lot of good and bad ways of doing stuff. He gives preference for functional implementation vs imperative, has a strong opinion about immutability and loose coupling. Life Credo - "Seek first to understand then to be understood"

Brandon Beigay

Project Manager Recreational Brands Dominion Web Solutions

Chante Velez

Project Manager Architecture IT Dominion Web Solutions

Chris Ryan

Lead Developer Recreational Brands Dominion Web Solutions. With over 15 years of software development experience Chris brings an experienced knowledge of problem solving in the software field. With a passion for finding solutions, creating new things, and a slow, deliberate pace to understanding problems. Chris originally joined Trader Publishing's Electronic Media group in the late 90's. After pursuing other opportunities he then returned back to Dominion in the Trader Online group back in 2011.

Guillermo Fisher

Guillermo Fisher joined Trader Electronic Media in November of 2004 as an HTML Developer. Shortly thereafter, he transitioned into a programming role on Trader Publishing Company’s City Web Services team. Guillermo left Trader Publishing just prior to the company’s split and moved on to Harris Connect. Between 2006 and 2009, he took on programming roles at Gannett Media Technologies International, Cox Auto Trader Publishing, and the Nebraska-based Elevate Visual Communications. In November of 2009, he made his way back to Dominion Enterprises as a Senior Programmer with TOL’s Core team. In 2010, Guillermo became part of Dominion Marine Media, working first as a Senior Software Engineer, then Software Architect, and, most recently, Engineering Manager. Earlier this year, he became Director of Enterprise Release Engineering, and has since been managing Dominion Enterprises’ GitHub Enterprise Project and spearheading the OpenDE initiative.

Guillermo, a Brooklyn native, currently resides in Chesapeake with his wife of 10 years and his four kids; his oldest son is currently attending VCU.

Heath Padrick

Using FrontPage 2000 and AngelFire, Heath started his career in web design by fulfilling the requirement for a website that his band needed at the time. From there, a passion for web development consumed him.

Heath joined Dominion Marine Media in March of 2012 and quickly fell in love with the atmosphere and personalities of his co-workers.

He lives in Yorktown, VA with his wife, son, and brand new daughter. Most weekends are filled by spending time with family, practicing guitar, and fighting with the entertainment system.

Jeff Wolski

Jeff Wolski is a database developer at ForRent, father of 4, woodworker, horror movie buff, student, maker, vegetarian, and coffee lover.

Joe Legeckis

Many programming languages, operating systems and years after receiving a Commodore 128 in 1986, Old Dominion University Computer Science graduate Joe Legeckis arrived on board in February of 2009 as a Linux Systems Administrator for and Resite/ResidentSource. A bit more than 6 years later, he's currently Lead Systems Admin and works everyday to keep all of the FRMS sites and development environments running at their best. This currently involves managing just over 500 VM's across multiple data centers running a mix of CentOS, Ubuntu, and various Windows versions along with a multitude of different application stacks.
He's a Chicago native, but has lived here in Hampton Roads since 1999. He also enjoys photography, woodworking, traveling, and spending time with his wife and 5 year old daughter.

Jose Mateo

Jose Mateo is the Android Developer for Dominion Web Solutions' recreational brands and has been with the company since July 2014. During his short time with DWS, Android apps for the business have seen a drastic increase in ratings and positive user feedback. With over 50,000 downloads, the Cycle Trader app is in the top 500 in the Play Store for Lifestyle apps. Jose is also the founder of Rocket Science, a startup that has helped other start ups build their mobile apps and websites in a cost efficient way.

Josiah Baker

Josiah is a recent transplant from the Midwest to Norfolk, joining Dominion Enterprises in April as a Data Scientist. Josiah enjoys problem solving of any kind, so naturally a career in solving problems with data and math seemed like a no brainer. Josiah also enjoys a good burger and beer, playing music, and being outside.

Kelley Howell

Kelley started out as a researcher and educator at Syracuse University, but fell in love with the Internet after building one of the university's first online courses.

She's performed engineering, product design, and UX research roles in many settings: academia, information security, online training, ecommerce, tax preparation platforms, CMSs, and mobile search.

Kelley came to Dominion in 2007 as a Sr UI Engineer and Team Lead for Trader Operations. In 2011, she moved into a role as UX Manager with Dominion Marine Media. In 2013, she was hired to lead the first UX Research team at

The UX Research team conducts tactical and strategic user research, using both qualitative and quantitative methods. The team advocates for the user, introduces data-driven insights into the product design process, and raises the organization's UX maturity level.

Kelley's plan for world domination: To make sure that everyone, across the organization, is focused on empowering users to achieve their goals with an awesome suite of products.

Lucien Frelin

Lucien is a Virginia native that calls Norfolk home with over 10 years experience in the web and a degree in Graphic Design from Old Dominion University. By day Lucien is the Lead UI Developer for By night he can be found working on any number of side projects or business endeavors usually involving craft beer or bicycles.

Marius de Beer

Marius joined Dominion Marine Media in March 2012 as an Agile coach for the Vancouver team. After that he took responsibility of all the DMM offices as Director of Product Development, and is now Vice President of Technology.
Marius is a process improvement pragmatist and has worked with individuals, teams, and organizations around the world, finding better ways of delivering software, by mainly employing Lean and Agile thinking. Initially as an employee and, since 2009, as consultant and coach. Marius has first hand experience in the rewards of successful change and the deep learning that results from abandoned initiatives. Though qualified as mechanical engineer, software has always been his passion, and helping others find joy in work, his motivation.

Michelle Brooks

Senior Project Manager Commercial Brands Dominion Web Solutions

Phillip Billups

Vice President of Product for TOL Recreation Brands

Randolf Julian

I work at Dominion Web Solutions (DWS) as a Senior Database Administrator. I've been with the company 14 years.

Robert Bittle

Anthony has always loved computers and has been writing code since he was 12 years old. While working for Trader Online team for the last 4 years as a PHP developer, he has contributed to 8 award-winning hackathon projects. In his spare time he enjoys gaming, programming, and solving Rubik's cubes.

Ryan Goodwin

Ryan started programming in QBasic when he was 13 years old. From there he graduated with a BS in CS from Lynchburg College just as the tech bubble burst, sending Ryan to start with Trader Publishing Company as a junior programmer for TraderOnline. In that time he's worked on a variety of projects, including eCommerce, business intelligence, search engines, and inventory management. He is an open source advocate and a member of the Electron Frontier Foundation, believing in an individual's right to privacy online and at home.

Steve Jones

Steve joined Dominion Enterprises and For Rent Media Solutions as a Systems Administrator in 2007 and was promoted to Senior Systems Administrator in 2011. Seeking new data-driven challenges, he joined the Dominion Business Solutions Technology group in 2013, focusing primarily on ETL (SSIS) development on the DX1 project. While he has worn several hats throughout his career, his passions lie in architecture, big data, infrastructure, and analytics. In May, 2014, he transitioned back to For Rent as Data Architect. A Hampton Roads native, Steve enjoys ocean kayaking, riding his motorcycle, and performing with his band.

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